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Introduction of Online Adjective Checker Tool

An adjective finder calculator is an online software application that is specifically designed to find adjectives in a sentence online and provide suitable correction to all types of adjective mistakes. It can also offer numerous additional features to refine and tweak your text to perfection. The main purposes of our online adjective checker free tool include:

Find all misuses of adjectives in your text

Offer highly reliable corrections

Detect other parts of speech mistakes

Remove all other grammatical mistakes

Tweak sentences with correct word choices

Catch any plagiarized text in papers

Detect tone and effectiveness of writing

Fix punctuation and spelling issues

Who Can Use Our Adjective Identifier?

Our adjective checker online application is developed under the guidance of linguists, grammaticians, and writing specialists in such a way that it is very useful for a wide range of writers across all domains of industries. The most common roles that can benefit from our online adjectives finder in a sentence application the most include:


Normally, teachers have to deal with a lot of burden of checking writings from students as well as he/she has to create their own lectures, presentations, and papers simultaneously. Teachers of all kinds can benefit hugely from the effective use of our online adjective sentence checker application to check the papers, thesis, assignments, assessment tests, and other student materials and correct their own text created for students.


Students of all levels such as schools, colleges, and universities, especially those who use English as a foreign language (EFL), can benefit from our tool the most. Our adjective word checker is free in basic features and most of the students happen to have limited budgets. It can provide them with continual learning options to improve their understanding of grammar, proofreading, and editing through corrective suggestions.


There are numerous types of writers that can benefit from our online adjective finder apps such as book authors, bloggers, newspaper editors, prose writers, poets, film script writers, columnists, and others who are directly involved in creating or checking some kinds of text. They can check for adjectives and other types of grammatical mistakes as well as plagiarized content to avoid any kind of penalty or legal actions ideally.


The most important benefits offered by our online adjective phrase checker platform to journalists is round the clock availability, unlimited checks, plagiarism detection, text tone adjustment, support for a wide range of referencing styles and standards to create matching titles, subtitles, capitalization, and many other types of help required in modern journalism. Our tool makes their professional lives much easier through unified support.


Other than the regular types of writers that are directly associated with either writing text or checking texts, there are numerous other roles in the modern world such as managers, executives, engineers, doctors, marketers, programmers, technical writers, researchers, scientists, and others. They have to deal with different types of text such as emails, reports, plans, transcripts, and others and our app can help them a lot.

Comparative degree and preposition mistake

This error relates to adding an incorrect preposition followed by a comparative degree of an adjective.

Incorrect: Andy is smarter from Jason.

Correct: Andy is smarter than Jason.

Superlative degree and preposition structure issues

Another common mistake found related to the adjective is using an incorrect preposition followed by a superlative degree.

Incorrect: Neptune is the farthermost planet than all other planets in the solar system.

Correct: Neptune is the farthermost planet of all other planets in the solar system.

Most Common Adjective Errors That Our Adjective Detector Can Fix

The use of adjectives in the English language is a bit tricky because it is used in different forms, formats, degrees, and conditions either supported by fixed rules or used in an irregular way. Thus, different types of mistakes occur while using adjectives in the text. The most common adjective mistakes detected by our adjective checker tool online include:

Confusing regular and irregular degrees

This is a very common mistake made by students who use English as a second language.

Incorrect: An airplane is more fast than a helicopter.

Correct: An airplane is faster than a helicopter.

How Can You Identify Adjectives in Sentences Without Adjective Finder Tool?

You need to be very well versed in grammatical and word formation conjugation to easily identify an adjective in a sentence. There are two most important criteria to find out adjectives as explained below:

Identification of Adjectives Based on Their Position in Sentences

The adjectives that appear at different positions to express nouns, verbs, pronouns, and other adjectives are mentioned with examples.

The word preceded by a noun to quality it is probably an adjective.

Example: The raw grapes taste bad.

A word followed by a noun to qualify it is also an adjective.

Example: Adam, visionary and strong, leads the company through difficult times.

Any word used between two nouns to compare them is an adjective.

Example: A horse runs faster than a donkey.

To describe the status or condition of a noun, an adjective always follows the verb in a sentence.

Example: Top-hill view of the city looks so beautiful

Identification of Adjectives by Using Suffixes of Words in Sentences

There are certain rules to find adjectives based on the suffixes of a word, which may be either noun or a verb as mentioned below:

A lot of adjectives end with suffixes such as –ish, -ous, -ic, -ful, -able, -some, -less, and others

Example: Anne is a beautiful woman.

Example: The situation in the riots-affected areas is troublesome yet.

Example: They achieved a comfortable win.

Example: Our startup managed an impressive business record for two years now.

The words that qualify either a noun or a pronoun and end with –est or -er are adjectives.

Example: A bike runs slower than a car.

Example: Allan Musk is the richest person in the world in 2022

Comparative and superlative degrees of a multi-syllable adjective are identified by the word more and most respectively.

Example: This garden is more beautiful than the previous one.

Example: Jonathan is the most courageous person in the country’s political party.

There are certain adjectives that don’t follow any rules in converting from one degree to another one as mentioned below.

Example: He is good at coordination.

Example: Never mingle with bad company.

An Adjective Finder App: The Easiest Way to Find and Fix Adjective Issues

There are numerous ways to find and fix adjective-related mistakes. You can get them fixed manually through an expert service, use any online grammar checking tool, or use any specialized adjectives finder online applications like ours. The easiest and most effective way to find and correct the errors related to adjectives and other domains of grammar and writing standards is to use our specialized adjective detector tool. It offers a range of comforts in terms of intuitiveness, cost, availability, and many other desirable factors.

How to Effectively Use Our Adjectives Finder?

Our expert adjective finder tool online can be used either by installing a small Google Chrome extension on your browser or directly accessing the online application through a supported web browser with a few very easy and simple steps such as:

You need to either copy/paste the text that you want into the application widget or directly type into it.

Our adjective checker online free tool thoroughly analyzes your text and underlines the mistakes and provides corrective suggestions in the returned text.

Click the highlighted mistake and choose the corrective options. You are done!

Top Benefits of Using Adjective Finder in a Sentence Online

Our adjective finder in text online app offers a wide range of benefits to users of all types across industries such as:

Saves cost

Our online application is free to use in the basic version and the monthly cost of the premium version is very affordable. Thus, you can save substantial costs by using any subscription to our online platform.

Accuracy in results

The accuracy of results provided by our online adjective finder tool is much higher than almost all major tools in the market due to the deployment of the most sophisticated technologies and expert input.

Unified writing solution

Our online tool offers a complete answer to your writing issues. It can find and fix adjectives, parts of speech, punctuation, spelling, active and passive voice, sentence structure, word choice, and other mistakes under a single roof.

Plagiarism and tone detection

You can check plagiarized content to avoid any copyright violation and the tone of your writing to make it more effective for the targeted audience so that you can achieve the desired business goals easily.

Saves time

Our online tool is accessible at any time and as many times as you need it. You don’t need to wait for your turn to access the app. You can get instant results in just a few seconds which saves you substantial time.

Greater availability

The service uptime of our online application is more than 99.99%. You can use our online services 24×7. This greater availability creates a great confidence in the users to access the service when they need it the most.

If you are looking for a highly impeccable online tool to detect adjective and other parts of speech mistakes in your text, try our adjective finder now!